How to become business Analyst in India

how to become business analyst in india

On a last Sunday I received a digital message on social media from a youngster who was about to graduate from the college and was willing to take up the job to support his family financially. On reading his message completely I realized that he has interest in becoming a business analyst in a reputed company but he was unable to figure out how to become one and be a great business analyst. Then I realized that a lot of youngster would be facing the same problem and they need a proper guidance to shape up their career.

So I decided to write this article which would provide a practical guide on how to become a business analyst. In today’s world a lot of career options have evolved with the advancement of technology in each and every field. A lot of jobs such as Artificial intelligence, digital marketer, copywriter , Business analyst are now very much in demand. As this article would be focused on one particle skill therefore I decided to write about becoming a business analyst and how to shape up your career towards greater height.

Business analyst courses

business analyst courses

There are various courses ranging from the very fundamental to the advance courses offered by various colleges and institutes. As these courses are huge in demand a lot of online education is also available on various websites such as Udemy, Coursera etc for  beginners as well as the corporate people. The fee also ranges from few bucks to thousand of rupees, thus candidate can choose as per their requirement and available budget.We are planning to launch business analyst course to fulfill the requirement.

What are the responsibility and roles of business analysts?

responsibility and roles of business analyst

Business analysts are responsible for mending the gap between the IT and the business using business analytics tools to evaluate the processes, discover the requirements, and providing data-driven reports and suggestions to the executives and stakeholders. It is a practice of enabling transformation on the context of the organization by the definite solutions to bring value and help them to reach the organizational goal.

A business analyst in present time does multitasking; as per the requirement of the project, he may work as a mediator, project communicator, or connector as well. A business analyst needs to have both soft skills and hard skills. He is the person who pulls out analysis and data trends report, shares this information, and applies it to the business. It is not compulsory for business analysts to have IT background but they are required to have a basic understanding of how different system products and tools work. Sometimes, business analysts do belongs from the core IT field and are interested in moving to the hybrid role and away from their core IT jobs.

The Demand for Business Analyst

demand of business analyst

In the today’s world where the economy is changing so quickly, businesses are also reforming itself according to the economy. This has provided businesses with a smart way to tackle the business challenges. But they should know how these challenges occur.

In this technology-driven and competitive world, impressing the customer is a tough nail to crack with the traditional business solutions. You need to grow with time and learn new techniques as soon as they are introduced to the market.

In the present time, with the right business tool, you can transform the statistics and feedback in the valuable customer insights which help you to run the business better with the most effective business intelligence techniques.

There is a number of different analytics tools available in the market which help you to automate the data storage and data transformation. With right business analytics tools, it not only provides acceleration to data processing but also provides a competitive edge to the business.

According to the experts, India has become the leader in the Big Data analytics market. In the last two years, India has gathered so much success in data analytics which stats clearly prove and it has surpassed analytics two giants – China and Europe and has reached the top. There are endless opportunities available in India to choose to work as a business analyst and get success in your career.

Skills Required for Becoming a Business Analyst:

skills required to become business analyst
  • For a business analyst, the most important skill is the problem-solving ability.
  • Good communication skill with the ability to convey his message to others is also highly required as they have to communicate their ideas and plans to the team.
  • The ability to do research is also highly required as the business analysts have to often research the business trends.
  • Understanding the new technology is also required as this also provides ease of access to the product.

Scope for Business Analyst

scope of business analyst

Business analysts’ profiles are gaining popularity in India and worldwide and the scope is also expanding. Gaining valuable insights from data has become the top priority for every organization so they are looking for business analysts. In the exploration process, business analytics involves various things such as right business objectives, right resources, right technologies, right top management commitment, and the right business culture.

Top tier companies like IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, and many others are using business analytics tools to generate intelligent business solutions for making a larger profit. To become a successful business analyst, you should know about the job responsibilities and areas in which you need improvements. If you want to accelerate your career growth in business analytics field then you should learn about all business analytics tools and techniques that are used by the top companies around the world.

The person who understands its responsibility clearly is able to handle the complex business problems smartly. There are various private universities and colleges which offer a full-time course on business analysis for the students. If you want a specific job oriented program then there are a number of certification programs available which thoroughly teach you every topic and business analytics tactics to make you ready for the organization. The right business analysis is very important for business as it directly affects the business and provides the best solutions that are needed in the long run.

The Future Career Path of the Business Analysts

the future career path for business analysts
  • With the data evolution, data analytics will always play an important role in security systems management and in the detection of dangerous malware program too.
  • Internet of things (IoT) has been seen as the next big thing and the future of the IT industry and it will mushroom in the upcoming years. With the big data analytics capability in hand, we have the power to process the voluminous amount of structured or unstructured data collected from the IoT sensors to have a higher importance in future.
  • Companies will be able to track and manage their own data wisely for financial gains and capital benefits.
  • Business analytics will work with the tax system to avoid any unwanted crisis in the future.
  • Data scientists’ role will come in trend soon for qualitative analysis not for the quantitative analysis as they are responsible for boosting qualitative data analysis in visual ways.
  • The accuracy of the data is a primary objective for all the organizations irrespective of the size. Big data analytics is the tool which plays important role in maintaining data accuracy, transforming this data into valuable data insights.

Based on the research work and several notes, this is perfectly clear that business analyst’s demand will grow exponentially in the near future. The big data analytics market is going to show impressive advent in the upcoming years. So, choosing business analysis as a career option will be 100 percent right decision. But you need to have good communication skills, right degree, and hands-on experience in business analytics tools to lead the market.

Is there anything in the Business Analysis domain that I can help you with, just write down or message me, I’ll be happy to help you? Hope you and your family is fit and fine.

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