About Me

About Me

Well, like most of them, I accidentally became a Digital Marketer. 

Let me tell you my story. 

It was about 4 years ago, When I was searching the internet for some side cash. 

After trying and failing at multiple things, I bumped into Freelancer.com and saw that there were a lot of projects, most of them related to SEO,social media marketing  which was open and paying good money. Despite not knowing anything about SEO, I went ahead and bid for these projects.

Spoiler alert! Nothing happened. 

I realised it’s not as simple and I had to build my reputation to get any of these projects and more importantly, I should understand how to pitch to these clients. 

So I went ahead and posted an SEO project myself with a healthy budget to attract the best bids. I then collated all the bids, observed how they were bidding and took the best parts from them and made a fantastic pitch. 

I then went and looked for projects to bid on, and I won the first project that I bid on! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, what I had promised and how to deliver what I had promised. 

But I slogged it out and delivered the project successfully.

The first $100 had hit my account. 

And that’s how my journey as a Digital Marketer started.

I did this for about 4 years before realising that there was so much more to learn about running a business. Now I am training people in the various fileds such as SEO, WordPress development.